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Children’s Rights to Education and Information in a Global World

Editors: Doina Balahur, Birgitta Qvarsell
ISBN: 978-973-703-374-1
Publisher: "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University Press

    Introduction: Doina Balahur, Birgitta Qvarsell
  • Young people’s developmental tasks as educational challenges to promote their rights- a matter of importance in a changing society - Birgitta Qvarsell
  • Towards understanding Risks and Effects of Internet Use among Children and Teenagers, Methodological Challenges - Monica Barbovschi, Maria Roth, Maria Diaconescu
  • The culture of gender equity in technological education. European exploratory research - Doina Balahur
  • Quiero Salir Adelante’: School and Future Expectations of Poor Teenager Girls (Lima, Peru) - Jacobjin Olthoff
  • Children and youth stress reactions to acute and continuous external stress-terrorist attacks - Mally Shechory, Sarah-Ben David, Doina Balahur
  • Participation in practice: Giving Romanian preschoolars a voice and serious things to do in school and research - Silvia More
  • Lost in translation: The Impact of New Technologies on the Education Gap - Alexandra Balahur, Jesus Hermida
  • The social space for the disabled / nondisabled adolescent - Mihai-Bogdan Iovu
  • Children researching - Manfred Liebel
  • "I want to find out by myself!" Children as Equal Partners in Research and Science - Ina Nnaji

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Doina Balahur

Prof. univ. dr.

Professor, PhD, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Centre for Social Management and Community Development
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